Boldly Innovative

Sense the Alfa Romeo Grip

For those who demand control, the new all-aluminum Alfa LinkTM suspension1 greatly enhances road grip. In front, its new double wishbone system keeps wheels perfectly perpendicular to the road even on the most challenging corners. At the rear, the four-and-a-half-arm multilink system represents the best combination of lateral grip and comfort level, even on uneven road surfaces. The Alfa Active Suspension system adjusts the suspension response depending on driving conditions and modes selected using the Alfa DNA Drive Mode Selector.

1 Only available on Giulia

Dynamic Suspension2

The suspension adopts race-derived technical solutions to optimize performance and deliver unrivaled driving pleasure. At the front, Alfa Romeo 4C Coupe and 4C Spider features a double-wishbone configuration that gives direct and unfiltered feedback from the road. At the rear, the advanced MacPherson suspension ensures super broad-holding and driving fun, even in the most extreme maneuvers. Both front and rear suspension systems are made from aluminum and high-strength steel.

2 Only available on 4C

Alfa Suspension

Alfa Suspension3 is an advanced electronic shock absorber control system that continously changes the chassis response depending on the road conditions and driving requirements.

3 Only available on 4C 

Comfort, Agility, Safety and Security

The driver derives several benefits from the suspension system: comfort, safety, security and agility. The tuned shock absorbers adapt to the road conditions and control all of the vehicle’s movements. This guarantees maximum comfort and ensures that the unevenness of road surfaces is fully absorbed.